Adverbiernes placering


Opgave A

  1. We've been very busy lately.
  2. The meeting is starting at 8 o' Clock tomorrow morning.
  3. He immediately saw the father.
  4. They always had tea at 4 O' clock.
  5. She's always late
  6. He says that she's always late
  7. She saw him often. She have often seen him.

Opgave B

  1. He didn't get far.
  2. We're often traveling abroad
  3. We'll take the train to France tomorrow morning at 8 O' Clock.
  4. Where are the kids? They are playing outside.

Opgave C

  1. She smiled happily at her daughter.
  2. He drove nice and quietly on his bike.
  3. He quietly closed the window.
  4. The window was closed quietly.
  5. The slowly raised their glasses.
  6. The kids firmly examined the green leaves.
  7. The green leaves were firmly studied.
  8. She thought it was hard to act naturally.

Opgave D

  1. She has an extraordinary pretty voice.
  2. He was very happy.
  3. She's almost to active.
  4. I simply don't believe you.

Opgave E

  1. Of course the kids are behaving well.
  2. We're possibly have more rain the following days.
  3. He simply had to talk to her.
  4. Sometimes she watches English soccer on TV.
  5. She was definitively not home, when I drove by her house an hour ago.
  6. She always said that she'd study Spanish when she'd studied English for five years.
  7. When I 10 years later saw him again, he looked 20 years older.


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