Crystal Palace

  1. When and where was the world exhibition in Crystal Palace?
    In the city of London in the year 1851.
  2. Why was the world exhibition held in Great Britain?
    Because Great Britain was at that time the leading country. In the following fields industry, economy and military.
  3. Who was behind the idea of a world exhibition
    Queen Victoria and Albert(her husband)
  4. What was the design of Crystal Palace?
    It was designed by Sir Joseph Paxton, and was build of iron and glass.
  5. What was on display at the exhibition?
    Technology from all over the world, especially from the British colonies.
  6. What happened to Crystal Palace later on?
    It burned down in 1936.
  7. What is connected to the name Crystal Palace today?
    Crystal Palace, London, an area of south London, England, around the location of the former Crystal Palace
    • Crystal Palace National Sports Centre
    • Crystal Palace transmitting station
    • The area receiving terrestrial television signals from the above and the Croydon Transmitter
    • The Crystal Palace Triangle (or Upper Norwood Triangle), shopping streets in the northwest corner of Croydon
    • The Crystal Palace District of the London Borough of Lambeth
    • A ward of the London Borough of Bromley
    • Crystal Palace Park, the grounds to which the Crystal Palace was relocated; a remnant of Penge Common o The Crystal Palace Dinosaurs in the park.
    • Crystal Palace F.C., a men's soccer club based at Selhurst Park in Croydon
    • Crystal Palace L.F.C., a ladies' soccer club based at Church Road in Whyteleafe
    • An area that was for the purposes of Social Security administered from London SE25
    • Crystal Palace railway station
    • Crystal Palace (circuit), motor racing
    • A fictional palace in the Victorian novel The Young Visiters by Daisy Ashford

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