Debunking the american myth


Reading comprehension

Why is the writer disappointed?

Because Europeans have a lot of myths about Americans.

What are her feelings about Americans?

the writer doesn't tell me about her feelings for Americans!

What does she say about the middle class Americans?

That they are either the same as us or just a little bit more pore.

How big is America?

4830 km coastline, and 3220 km from north to south.

Does Americans have steriotypes?



All Americans are fat

Yes, they are or at least 50% of them, but the writer tries to tell us something else.

All Americans are loud

The writer says that it isn't true, but they might be a little louder, due to the noise i America.

All American are rich

The write says that they aren't, and insures that whenever there's a rich American there's at least one or two poor ones.