East is east, part 5

East is east, part 5

  • What are Abdul's thoughts about his future?

He want to follow the pakistani traditions, and be like his dad.

  • What are his thoughts about being at the pub?

He doesn't like it, he thinks he is a big joke. He fells everybody is laughing at him, and that he does not belong there.

  • How are Mr. Shah's daughters presented?

They are presented as if they were very fine, Mr. Shah has a picture of them in a gold leaf frame, they also have their own bedroom etc.

  • What does the various characters do to spoil the engagement?

Mr. Shah start to say that it is Abdul and Teriq who are joining his family. That does Ella not agree in because it is aginst the traditions. Mr. Shah also thinks they are swear all the time, That comment makes Ella very mad. Tariq also goes to a pub and drinks. Abdul doesn't do anything.

  • How does the play end?

Mr. Shah leaves the family becauce, he got offended and he blows the engagement off. Then George starts/trys to smash up Ella, but the kids goes in the way to stop it, Abdul pushs George away and pushs him aginst the wall and Abdul says to his dad, that if he hits Ella agin he will kill him. Then Sajit starts to hit George with his parka.