Engelsk 1B Oversættelse

A summer holiday in Wales

Last summer we rented a house in Wales. We had seen an advertisement in a Danish news paper, and having discussed the plans of the family we wrote a letter to the address. The owner answered that the house was available in July, and when we had studied the attached photographs we decided to rent it for 14 days. We ordered tickets to the boat from Esbjerg to Harwich, and on the 30th of June we started full of expectations.

The weather was fine and the sea was calm so we enjoyed the trip and arrived at Harwich at the middle of the day. On the road through England we passed several famous cities. We drank tee in Cambridge, one of the two old university cities, and admired the beautiful old buildings. When we were approaching Stratford-on-Avon where Shakespeare was born we began to look for an appropriate place to sleep. We stopped at an ordinary house with a sign outside. The sign said B. & B. We was welcomed and got to double rooms and slept well.

After a huge breakfast with bacon, egg, toasted bread, marmalade and many cups of tea, the journey continued the following morning. Later that day we approached the Welsh border. The landscape changed and there was high hills ahead. In Wales most of the roadsigns were written in two languages Welsh and English, cause many Walsh wanted a Wales independent of England. Fortunately most of the Welsh speaks English.

The Welsh language is very hard to learn. What do you mean about this:


It's the name of the little station on the island of Anglesey just north of the Walsh half island.

We had an exciting holiday in Wales, and I wouldn't mind spending another vacation there some other time. Wales is a beautiful part of Great Britain with high mountains (Snowdon 1086 m), deep valleys, lovely beaches and extremely kind people.