Engelsk Blå Øvelse 2

  1. Where is my umbrella
  2. Who saw the truck that ran her down?
  3. Do not cross the road without an adult
  4. Never swim alone
  5. Do not swim alone
  6. I can't find my keys. Have you seen them?
  7. I don't know him.
  8. I don't think I know him.
  9. Is Peter here?
  10. Who is not here?
  11. When did you see him?
  12. Who did you see?
  13. Don't be so angry.
  14. My visitors didn't notices that I've painted my apartment.
  15. What happened there.
  16. Can he not come or does he not want to come.
  17. Why do you think he doesn't tell his wife about his great prize.
  18. Why shouldn't she believe me?
  19. Jeremy is not my best friend, he's my worst enemy
  20. Did you have a nice tribe to London?