Engelsk Blå øvelse 2

  1. Hopefully, you all come on saturday.
  2. When it is raining everything becomes wet.
  3. Yesterday my dad gave me money for a new bike.
  4. When I had bought the bike, I thanked my dad.
  5. In the evening I took the bike to my friend Brian.
  6. When he had seen the bike he asked if he could borrow it.
  7. Before I said yes, he had already taken the helmet on.
  8. Last monday our lessons already started at 7 o'clock.
  9. When we arrived our theather told us we were late.
  10. On the way home we played soldiers.
  11. Unfortunally, Brian hurt his foot.
  12. After a quick meal he ran down the stairs and on the street.
  13. This year I want to go to Italy on my vacation.
  14. In the end he decided to take a nap.
  15. Before she reconised who he was, he gave he a kiss.
  16. I a minute he had emptied the bottle.
  17. While she cooked he opened the wine.
  18. Finally you are comming, We have waited for an hour.
  19. Now I have had enougth of you, get out of here!
  20. On my way out to the car I met my brother.