Engelsk Grøn øvelse 8

Harold was really mad. His bikeride had gone all wrong! He had really been looking forward to trying his new red bike, and the ride from Birmingham to the village Knowle 10 kilometers from Birmingham center had gone pretty good. But the front wheel of the bike made a strange noise. He took a 5 min. break and turned towards home again. He went fast around the sharp turns of the hill, and same time the nut of the front wheel fell of. There he was on the hard, black surface of the asphalt. Only now the asphalt had same color as his bike, bloodred! He limped into the doctorsclinic, which where by the foot of the hill, men the clinic's secretary sent him home in a taxi, because the doctors surgery hours where over for this day. In the cab he had been told off because he was bleeding on the cas seat and because he did not have enough money to pay for the ride. "I am not the helper of the pour ones" said the driver i must think of my wifes new coat, the childrens winterboots, the flee collar of the dog and that I owe on the pub. Now Harold was laying in the safety of the livingroom, but he knew he was about to "borrow" his brothers bike to ride to the dentist. The a part right front tooth must be laying at the feet of the Knowle hill.