Engelsk Grøn 6

Dear Christine!

I wanted to write to your for a long time, but because I have got a new job, I have had to find a new place to live. I have bought a lovely two room flat near Hyde Park, and now I must write. How are you? As you can understand a lot has happened to me, since last time we saw each other. I could write 20 pages without getting everything in there.

I wish you would come and visit me, and see my new flat. It's close to my new work, and I can walk there in only 10 minutes. I've also been engaged, but please don't tell my mom and dad, I haven't dared to tell them yet. They still believe that I'll come home next summer, but I'll probably stay here in England. I know I should tell them, but I also know that my mom would be very sad, so it's hard to get it said.

I hope you'll have a nice summer and that you'll find time to see me, when I come home at Christmas. I any case I'll call you.

Love Margaret.