Engelsk Oversættelse Grøn 9

When a country is at war, it's government has many duties. Above all it's necessary to ensure that the army gets armed, and it needs to draft the required soldiers.

But the government must also focus on the people that produce food and weapons. Without these supplies it isn't possible to win a war.

During a war is often the women who work in the factories and therefore the society must spend more time thinking of the women and families situation.

In a family where the mother works and the father is a soldier, it is not unusual that there arises financial problems.

If a family is evicted because of financial problems, and nobody has paid the rent the society must help. Because during a war everybody is needed and nobody is spuerfluous.

Often the child care may also be a problem that the sociaty must deal with. Therefore many children in England were sent to the country, during World War II.