Engelsk Rød Øvelse 6

Engelsk Oversættelses opgave.

  1. The man is painting the house.
  2. While he is climbing down the ladder, his wife was calling on him.
  3. She says that their daughter is waiting on the phone and asks him to hurry up.
  4. While his speaking with their daughter, his wife studies the phonebill.
  5. She is considering if they are to buy a couple of pigeons.
  6. Last sunday I thought a lot about you and wondered when you would be back.
  7. Since you left I have spend a lot of time on my homework and read most of the time.
  8. This afternoon my dad came into my room, while I was writing to you.
  9. He had been working I the garden all day, while my mother had been writing on her new book.