Engelsk Rød øvelse 3

  1. A cat has just run across the road.
  2. There is alway room for one more.
  3. That summer strange things happened at the castle.
  4. When we crossed the street, a truk came around the corner.
  5. Last monday 3 police officers came and searched the car.
  6. We all knew that there would come at least 10 theathers to the party.
  7. There were 5 players at each team.
  8. When the mailman came, a big dog jumbed out of the door.
  9. Do you think there is more than 3 beers in the closet?
  10. Noone knows we were married yesterday.
  11. There was a nice smell af food in the kicthen.
  12. A wonderfull smell of food spread in the house.
  13. look, there are three kats at the roof.
  14. A smile showes on his face.
  15. Taste the wine there is something strange about it.
  16. There were new thing at the exhibition.
  17. On friday a new french TV serial starts.
  18. There is nothing in the world like snow.
  19. After my holiday, four new studens have started in my class.
  20. There is always many people i town a friday evening