Engelsk blå øvelse 1

  1. She will be comming in half an hour.
  2. the orchestra will be playing in Stoke tomorrow.
  3. We shall begin in a moment.
  4. When will you marry her.
  5. I'm sure it will begin to rain before we get there.
  6. In a year you will be reading as good as me.
  7. Mom, why is money important, you will understand grow up.
  8. I shall see my sister to night
  9. Will you come tomorrow.
  10. You will have to do it yourself, I don't have time.
  11. If you don't stop now I will be late.
  12. I think the ship will sail before 8.
  13. She will not be home until 10 pm.
  14. You will ruin everything if you don't stop now.
  15. Do you think Denmark will win the game today?
  16. On TV they said it will start snowing to night.