Engelsk grøn øvelse 4-5

When we arrived to the harbor, the ferry had already left, and we had to wait for the next ferry at 4 O'clock. I was very annoyed, because we actually had been at the harbor when the ferry had arrived, but because my sister was mad, because she had not got a shirt my dad had promissed her, we had driven to the city again.

When we had driven around for almost an hour to find a parking spot, and when we finally found an empty parking spot, of course all the stores were closed. It had been like this the entire vacation. We had been so busy getting from one place to another, that we had not really had the time to see anything.

Take last Tuesday: We were gone to Gothenburg at 10:00 am, and we had agreed to go to the amusement park there, Liseberg. But first we wanted to have lunch. When we were done eating, my sister got a headache and we spent 2 hours looking for a pharmacy. When she got her pills, she wanted to have coffee, and we did not get to Liseberg before 7:00 pm. By then there was only three hours to closing time.

I promised myself that it was the last time ever I was going on a vacation with my sister.