Engelsk opg blå 2

  1. The tires of the car were very worn.
  2. The children's presents were spread all over the floor.
  3. My dad's job is to help others.
  4. Life of the poor is not always easy.
  5. The value of the Danish crown is not what it used to be.
  6. John's friends lived beside Lispeth.
  7. There were holes in the roof of the house.
  8. Do you like the color of my new bag.
  9. The sides of the bathtub were very dirty.
  10. It says Magnus on my dog's foodbowl.
  11. Have you seen my sister's new boyfriend?
  12. The claywalls of the house were begun to crumble
  13. The monkey's cage was made of wire.
  14. The doctor's new car was small and ugly
  15. It was not easy to find a way out of the darkness of the cave.
  16. The divers swam towards the bottom of the sea.
  17. The cat's owner brought it to the vet.
  18. Every Christmas he buys "Christmas of the blind ones".
  19. My sisters' rooms are bigger then mine.
  20. The captain of the ship was drunk.