Engelsk oversættelse 5

  1. If you leave in 2 minutes, you can catch your train.
  2. We drink tea at 3 pm every afternoon.
  3. The Christmas holiday begins on the 20'th of December.
  4. The plane leaves tomorrow at 2o'clock exactly.
  5. When you arrive I would like you to take of your shoes before you enter.
  6. We refuse to leave before she arrives.
  7. The general election take place every fourth year.
  8. As soon as you arrive I would like you to call me.
  9. When the match begins, We have planed to run on to the pitch. (Grundled før udsagnsled).
  10. I will see you tonight, if things work out as I hope.
  11. The match between Rangers and Celtic starts at 4o'clock
  12. I will not sing before you sing along.