Engelsk oversættelse rød 7

Oversættelse af grammatik opgave 7 rød.

  1. We don't get a lot of information from the war in Jugoslavia.
  2. Everbody would like to give me a lot of good advice, when I don't want them to; I can buy my furniture my self, no matter if I'll have too many pieces of furniture.
  3. These loaves of bread taste a lot better the ones I bake my self.
  4. Where is all my of money? They must have been stolen!
  5. The news came at 9 O'clock every day.
  6. Benjamin Franklin discovered, that it was possible to catch the energy in a flash og lightning, and it was a great progress.
  7. You have a good taste, I think you're furniture are a lot prettier then mine, but I've only got 3.
  8. On the internet you can get all the information you want, ut you can't allways trust them all.