Engelsk oversættelse s12

The English middle class has got a bad reputation if you are to believe a report, which was recently published. An organization called International Youth Welfare and recently London University have made the report together, of material which is collected from questionnaires, dispatched to approximately 1500 au pair girls in different parts of England. Three fourths of the questionnaires were returned and showed some unpleasant facts about how young girls who come to England to learn the language are treated.

There are often a great difference between what young girls are told before the leave and how they are treated by their host families in England. A great number says that they only earn £9 a week, that they work about 50 hours a week and a lot of them doesn't eat with the family and doesn't get enough food.

The chairman of International Youth Welfare, Dom Placid, who's a monk, came to England himself 20 years ago and still lives there today. He, as well as other in the organization believes that it is important that the au pair girls' situation becomes known, so that the conditions can be improved. The organization has therefore suggested that there's made a booklet to all au pair girls who come to England and to their host families. It might give the English middle class families a better reputation in other European countries.