Englesk oversættelse opg 5

Oversættelse af sætninger øvelse 5, grammatik om kongurens.

  1. I think everybody is here today.
  2. Everybody, who travels to Afrika must bring along their own medicine.
  3. Nobody, who knows him believes that he's guilty, but the police believes it.
  4. People are too busy nowadays, Everbody knows that it's not healthy, but nobody changes their lifestyle.
  5. Would you give me the scissors, which are on the top shelf.
  6. There are many people in town today, but there's no children.
  7. The children, who's happy with their dog called the police when it didn't came home.
  8. The police, who everybody trusts are happy with the conviction. The man was a dangerous criminal.
  9. These pliers, I bought the other day are already broken.
  10. Peter marches up and down the street with his sword all day.

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