Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy is the energy that come from the heat inside the earth. The heat sometimes get to the surface in different forms for example magma. The geothermal energy is most accessible near the edges of the tectonic plates or the so called hotspots where magma is close to the surface.


Early history

Geothermal power was used for the first time in Larderello. In 1904 scientist managed to light five light bulb with power generated from steam engines running on geothermal power. It was the first and only industrial producer of geothermal power until 1954, when New Zealand built a plant of their own.

Geothermal power in Iceland

On Iceland there's a lot of geothermal energy, and because of their geological situationm, the geothermal energy is so cheap that they are using to heat up the pavement at winter. As of 2002 54% of their energy consumption came from geothermal power. On Iceland they are using about 0,06% fossil fuels.

Methods of geothermal power

Earth cooling system
Earth cooling system

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