Grøn øvelse 5

  1. My dad has big a manor house, but it's smaller than the one of my father in law.
  2. My dad says it because he's younger than my father in law, even though he is not a young man.
  3. Denmark is a small country, but there are many other countries which are smaller.
  4. We have a small problem, one of the wheels are loose.
  5. It's hard to bake your own bread, but it's even harder to get it eaten.
  6. The drought in Nigeria has developed into a rather big catastrophe.
  7. It became a bigger catastrophe than the government had anticipated.
  8. Three young men have been arrested after the disturbances in Ocala.
  9. The elderly woman looked out the window: Even life have become a bigger problem, since she was young.
  10. We live in a major villa in one of the major cities in Denmark.
  11. In most comparisons, Denmark is only a minor country.
  12. What car did you buy? A Mercedes? Then it must be an older model, or maybe you have inherited a larger sum of money, than you said?
  13. Although it's an old movie, it should be able to fetch a large sum of money.
  14. When I grow older, I want to be a professional football player.