Grøn øvelse 6 og 7

Øvelse 6

  1. Even on the finest Hotel of the city the pattern of the plates is different from that of the cups.
  2. He is a friend of the guy, who lives around the corner.
  3. The average temperature of the southern regions is remarkably higher then that of the northern regions.
  4. The water of the stream is clearer than that of the lake.
  5. They are all followers of the Indian guru, who visited the city of London last month.
  6. The American president was a great admirer of the pilot John Brown, who was shot down over the country Germany three times during the war.
  7. Do you know that guy? No the only thing i know is that he is a relative of the Frenchmen i met in England last summer.
  8. The new roof of my school is the same type as that of the city hall.

Øvelse 7

  1. He's a very good mate of my sister's.
  2. She is a colleague of mine.
  3. I gave him one of Billy's old coats.
  4. A sister of my dad's visited us yesterday.
  5. One of my friends has won a billion.
  6. To visit USA are one of my great dreams.
  7. My old mate Henry is a neighbor of Harry's.