Hybrid fuel

Why is the existing power grid criticised?

Because our current power grid is very centralized, this means that the power supply only comes from one place. This is a problem because the power travels very far before reaching the customers, and the long we transport power the more power is wasted, during the the transport (about 8% is lost).

Furthermore the centralized power grid is more sensitive to failure, such as weather, terror and maintaince.

  • High contructions prices

How should the new power grid be constructed?

The new power grid should be decentralized. This would make the power grid less vulnerable to failures. Because one failure isn't enought to bring down the integer power grid. This would also make the power grid more efficent, because the distance between customer and powerplant will be smaller.

The idea is to create a lot of small powerplant to supply the power grid with power. This should decentralize the power grid in the same manner that the internet is decentralized.

  • Stability
  • Control
  • Energy loss