Hybrid future p.53-56

What is Yu Zhuoping trying to do?
He is trying to develop hybrid cars, that he can sell.
How can China's lack of development be virtue?
They don't have any cars at the moment, which means that they are not going to move from oile to other energy sources. China doesn't have to convert like all the developed nations.
What is the prognosis for the increase in cars in China?
They are expecting the number of cars to rise extremely.
What are the side implications of that?
If they choose to use conventional cars, powered by oil, there might be extremely environmental damages. But if they choose to use hybrid cars, the price might be too high.
Which technical obstacles must China overcome?
  • Prices
  • Effect
  • Development time limit
Why may hydrogen be a matter of survival?
Because of the rising oil prices, and the environmental consequences.