Internet censorship a global concern

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The internets role in oppressed countries

The internet can not be controled, but you can try. And trying means controlling the internet for the majority of people. People how wants to use the internet and wants access to closed sites, will always be able to do that, it's all a question of how much work it will take. (Gettig around the danish filters is rather easy). I've read posts from people in china, who was using encrypted lines to gain access to dicussings about googles censorship in china... But the average Joe, will proberly never be able to do so. Therefore the internet can be used as a weapon aginst totalitarian regimes, but the majority will not be able to benefit from it... If it is as controlled as it is in china...

Is censorship only for totalitarian regimes?

No, in Denmark we have internet censorship. We censor out child pornography. But the nature of censorship does not comply with freedom of speech! and censorship is bad for our democrazy!

Con/Pro censorship

It's a human right to be able to say everything you want to, the benefits is at nobody will ever loose ablity to say his or her opinion...

Downsides is that it could lead illegal things like childpornography..

I would draw the line long before we ever comes close to censorship! It's okay to prosecute people who abuse their freedom of speech, threats and childpornography... but the police should not be able the enforce laws and close sites without a visit in court!