Lord of the rings scenes

Afsnit som man kan dele den del af bogen vi har læst bogen op i.


Beside Balin's tomb

  1. They read Balin's diary.
  2. They start to hear drums.

Inside Balin's tomb

  1. Preparing for attack by orcs.
  2. They are attacked by orcs.
  3. Frodo is hit by a spear.

In the mines

  1. They flee through the mines.
  2. Gandalf tries to lock a door with magic.
  3. They loose the orcs.

In the second great hall

  1. The drums beat very high.
  2. They meet the balrog, and tries to outrun it.

Bridge of Khazad Dum

  1. Gandalf fights the balrog and wins, but is pulled down by the balrog's leash.
  2. The rest of the fellowship contenious to Lorien.