My son the fanatic Engelsk Tekst



The story is about Parvez and his son Ali. Ali changes from being a normal English boy to a fanatic. The dad is worryed about his son, and talks to his mates about it. They think Ali is doing drogs be finds out that his a fanatic instead.


Answers to questions about the story.

What seems to be wrong with Ali at the begining of the story?

He is giving away he possessions and they think he is doing drogs.

Why does Parvez feel his son's 'eccentricity as an injustice?

Because he always wanted his boy to be like any other English boy, and work hard for it.

What are Parvez' dreams of doing well in England?

Get an education and find a nice wife.

Would you consider Parvez' and his son to be British?

Yes, I think I would. Perhaps I might not consider Ali to be very British.

Describe Pervez' relationship to religion

He was forced to read and memorize the Koran, which he didn't like and therefore he more or less despites all religion all though he respekts them.

Describe the setting and give a brief characterization of Parvez, Ali and Bettina

I think they are a part of the middle class, perhaps on the door step to the little more dirty part of the town.
He's from Parkistan, but he wants his boy to be like any other English boy. Besides that he works as a taxi driver in the middle of the night.
Ali is the Parvez son, all of his life he has been like any other English boy, but suddenly he becomes a fanatic and focuses on his religion.
Works as a hooker, she is a friend of Parvez, who once saved her from an angry customer. Parvez could talk to bettina about almost anything.

Describe the relationship between Parvez and the prostitute

Parez once saved Bettina from a violent customer and since then they have been friends. They can talk about almost anything.

Things Ali thing is wrong

  • Alcohol
  • The ability to do something wrong!
  • Freedom
  • Prostitutes
  • Entertainment
  • Wealth

The title

When I read the title I think of a text which focuses on imigration, religion, racism and culture clash. I think it is a good title which gives alot information about the text, mayb too much.

Why does Ali hate England?

I think his been brain washed. Not because he started readning the koran. It might also be the only thing he will be able to disagree with his dad on, disagreeing with you parents is very important when you're a teen.

Main theme

I think the main theme is the problem about intergration and communication between children and parents.