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I would like to kill all Americans and build my own socialistic society. And while I'm at it we could just kill all mosquitos, they are a pain in the ***, and won't fit into my new modern society. Perhaps we should also destroy microsoft' capitalistic market society.


Having deep-rooted religious traditions is a dangerous thing, it is the source to terrorists. I think we should go against all local traditions worldwide :)


I think that we should all believe in what I say, and I believe that this is some strong ****, any way I also think that it's important to question my conflicting beliefs.


I have a dream, that once upon time, we shall all have strong prejudices against all men from Texas.


I've made a small translation contribution to the OSS project eyeOS. Linux is made by small usefull contributions by volunteers.


I think it is a great challenge for Thomas to avoid to falling asleep for one day, and he almost made it through biology.