Opgave C s45


Opgave C (s45)

  1. Thanks that's enough you don't have to read more.
  2. These roses are the finest I've ever seen.
  3. John has been late all week. Was he also late this morning? No, I don't thing so.
  4. You are waking the neighbour with all that noise. One cannot be so noisy at this time of night.
  5. It can't possibly be your kids.
  6. Last year Jane was two weeks in France, but this year she's spending her vacation in this country.
  7. I've actually not seen the movie we discussed yesterday but I've read about it.
  8. There were many strange noises from this old house. The heavy oak wood door which probably haven't been oiled for the last hundred years creaked in it's hinges.
  9. "Is it you John?" she yelled nervously, but no answer came.

Opgave A (s47)

  1. Who
  2. Who
  3. Who
  4. who
  5. which
  6. Which
  7. Which
  8. who
  9. What
  10. Which
  11. whose

Opgave B (s47)

  1. How do he look?
  2. What is he like?
  3. How does it feel to be famous?
  4. What a lovely morning?
  5. What, do you look nice!
    • You look good.
    • How do you look nice!
  6. You look pale.
    • How do You look pale.
  7. Who did you see leave the house.
  8. Whom saw you leave the house.
  9. Who bit the dog.

Opgave A (s49)

  1. He look at the posters hanging in the lobby for a long time.
  2. Booked tickets that haven't been claimed will be sold half an hour before the concert starts.
  3. I've only heard from 20 percent of the people send the questionnaire to.
  4. My sister has just gotten a letter from the Australian girl she meet last summer.
  5. It succeeded the thieves to open the safe, what is absolutely amazing. Futhermore they did it in office hours when the building was full of people.
  6. Did you hear what they said in the TV news about a plane that was hijacked yesterday?
  7. The plane whose crew was held hostage landed in Cairo airport.
  8. You may come whenever you want to.
  9. We're choosing the same procedure as last year.