Opgave bestemt artikel

B: Oversæt

  1. Turn right a little south of the village!
  2. He's the son of a famous composer and he plays the clarinet.
  3. Please write down the following message.
  4. They both answered at the same time.
  5. He fell in love with her the second time he saw her.
  6. The more examples there are of the Genitive, the hard it is.
  7. They lost the hope of finding survivors.
  8. Man have extinguished many animal species.
  9. Nature has it's own laws.
  10. The old man was ill in bed.
  11. Finally have spring arrived, but it's cold at night.
  12. Most people dream of living in an expensive hotel like the Hilton.
  13. He took his hat of every time he meet someone.
  14. The bought two newspapers every day. One read the Daily Telegraph the other read the Times.

C: Oversættelse

We don't know much about Shakespeares life. He's from the little town of Stratford on the Avon. His fader was a craftsman and he was a member of the town counsel, he was also the mayor for three years. Shakespeare probably attended Stratford Grammar School that can still be seen in the town today, but we don't know much about what he learned in school.

In 1582, when he was 18 years old he married Ann Hathaway, who was 7-8 years older, she was the oldest daughter of a wealthy farmer. Their first child was born the year after, only six months after the wedding; later they had twins too. There are many explanations why Shakespeare went to London, but most of them are stories of a later origin. Some scientists think that Shakespeare joined a theater company while it was visiting Stratford.

The first time he hear about him again is in 1592, at this time he's known person in London. He's mostly known as an actor and playwright, but he was also the own of the Globe theater.

Shakespeare wrote 37 plays: comedies, tragedies and historical dramas. His plays have something for everyone, there's exiting action, strong emotions, colors and comedy. Shakespeare's theme's are love, nature, power and it's responsibility. The central theme is man and especially after 1600 one can feel the bitterness towards mankind.

Around 1611 he returned to Stratford, perhaps about the same year he wrote the tempest that may be read as his goodbye to the theater. He lived the last years of his life in his birth town and died in 1616. He's buried in the Holy Trinity Church and over the grave in the left side of the church there's a monument for him.