Oversæt grøn øvelse 7

Joan came running into the classroom. "Hurry up George" she yelled. "A bank robbery has happened. There are police with dogs and everything and an ambulance also came." "Take it easy" George said. "How do you know it is a bank robbery?".

"So much happens nowadays" he continued. "Maybe it is someone, who is shooting a film". Joan admitted that she did not know exactly what had happened. "But there were at least 10 police officers" she eagerly said. "If nothing had happened would there then be so much police?".

George could easily see that she was right. "If there had been a bank robbery" he said, "my granddad will be sorry. He has placed all his money in the bank, and if anything happens to them, I do not know what he will do".

Next day they read in the newspaper that someone actually commited a bank robbery. But because nobody had seen the robber's car so the police was without trial.

Luckily Goerge's granddad had moved his money to another bank one week ealier. Later the old man told that he had a feeling something would happen to his savings. And therefor he had transfered them to another bank. But George thought that his granddad had transfered the money, because he could get higher interest rates.