Oversættelse sitting Bull

Sitting Bull was one of the most famous Indian chief in north America. He was born about 1834 and belonged to the Hunkpapa Teton Sioux who lived on the prairie.

In his youth Sitting Bull decided to fight the white and he never changed his mind. After the battle in 1865 by the Power river, where many of his men lost their lives, he realized that all their bravery and moral was wasted, if they only had arrow and bow to fight with; the difference between the soldiers' weapons and the Indians' weapons was too big.

The Indians only wanted to live in peace and the Great Father, as the American president was called, also promised that time and again but his promises were never kept. One of the best known examples is the battle of Black Hills. In a treaty from 1869 it said that this sacred land belonged to the Indians. But four year later, when gold was found, more than a thousand white people was on their way into the area.