Passiv Blå Øvelse 1

  1. The girl was seen by the janitor, when she left the building.
  2. The plan was changed during the meeting with the architect.
  3. The melody was played on the radio by The Beatles.
  4. The plane was cancelled by SAS due to the rain.
  5. It's assumed that India has nuclear weapons.
  6. The car was driven by a 94-year-old driver.
  7. The match was refereed by a linesman, as the referee had forgotten to show up.
  8. They had been promised a new sofa by her parents.
  9. They were told the story by their mom.
  10. She was reminded of her vacation, when she read the article about Paris.
  11. The prisoners were taken to the prison in Newgate.
  12. Every Monday the class is tested in maths.
  13. It's believed that the next president of USA will be colored.
  14. Every Wednesday we are taken to school by bus.
  15. All my old books have been sold in a week.