Possessive pronominer

Opgave A

  1. my
  2. our, their
  3. the
  4. your
  5. his, his
  6. the
  7. my
  8. her
  9. their
  10. mine
  11. the, them
  12. my, yours
  13. your
  14. its/his
  15. her

Opgave B

  1. She took me by the hand.
  2. They took of their coats.
  3. If he's your friend, he's also mine.
  4. We lost our lost when we went home last night.
  5. They sat with their feet on the table.
  6. Linda claims that it's her idea, but it's ours.
  7. They're my dad's friends not mine.
  8. John is one of our school mates.
  9. You shouldn't wash your shirt it'll loose its color.
  10. He gave me his word.
  11. It's both your and my fault.
  12. Mary has broken her leg.
  13. Their lost their lives.
  14. She makes her own clothes.
  15. My dog is bigger than hers.
  16. Some of my friends have seen the movie.