Rød øvelse 4-Tillægsord

  1. The rich are better of than the poor.
  2. He wants to remove the problems between the young and the old.
  3. He does a lot for the blind.
  4. The unemployed does not afford yet another cold winter.
  5. A very old man sat on the stairs. When Wilfred reached the place, he asked the old man if he could get a glass of water.
  6. "Which car is yours?" - "The black one".
  7. The new computers are a lot better than the old.
  8. I have got two pencils. Do you want to borrow the brown one or the green one?
  9. The only thing I want is to have my old dog back. It is not the same with a new.
  10. I am not allowed to borrow Shirley's sweater, while I knit my own.
  11. They have 3 children; my female friend is the youngest.
  12. The good part about my husband, is that he is so patient.
  13. It all started with an apple.
  14. He had to buy a new hat, the old one was full of holes.
  15. The law protects the innocent and punishes the guilty.
  16. I have baked four cakes today, a big one and three small ones.
  17. The first thing I will do, once/when I come home is to call my old mom.
  18. Has he written two novels? Then I have only read the first one.
  19. Would the accused please rise?
  20. Nobody has noticed anything, as the deceased lived alone.