The Signal Man

"The signal man" as novell by Charles Dickens.

  1. Where and when does the story take place?
    In London propably at the subway. At night.
  2. How is the place described?
    It's dark and gloomy
  3. Why is the signal man shocked when the narrator calls to him?
    Because he normally doesn't get visitors.
  4. How is the signal man characterized?
    He is forshortened and shadowed. He is well educated but he doesn't use his education.
  5. What gives the story a feeling of suspense and tension?
    Things about the ghost, warning of catastrophe to come.
  6. What happens every time the ghost appears?
    There's an accident.
  7. What is the end of the story?
    The signal man dies.
  8. What is the theme of the story?
    Take signals in your life serious.

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