The black and white museum


Dette er en artikel der er

relateret til faget engelsk

  • The story have some fantastic elements.


Papa Legba
Haitian vodou opens + closes the doorway to the communication with the gods.
  • Speaks many languages
  • White teeth
  • Kind to customers
Almost gives his goods way to spread knowledge about African culture.
  • Old, wise
Cyril Baker
Used to be abused by racist - after the middle passage he becomes "strong".
Horfense Smith
Blair Orwell
Name is a reference to Tony Blair and George Orwell who wrote "1984" a story about "big-brother" society.
  • Chief inspector
Winston Hill
Worked at the British Telecom, but started working for Papa Legba after having tried the "middle passage", he also starts an illegal radio station that is closed by the police, thus Blair Orwell.
Carl Spencer Marks
A mix of Karl Marx and MarksSpencer a big British retail coopertation.
  • Says history repeats itself as: (Also said by Karl Marx says too)
    1. Tragedy
    2. Farce
    3. Fashion

Middle passage

Papa Legba has a basement where visitors can experience the middle passages from Africa to America. It is a short reenactment of the tribe for slaves transported from Africa to America. People who takes this tribe changes behavior and for many if feels a little like a small revelation, many brings their family with them later or starts working with the subject elsewhere.