The future of the internet - Understand the text


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  1. The original idea was to make a big network were the protocols and other standards were the same, so all the USAs universities and military could communicate at the same network.
  2. The reason that the internet has become so popular is the fact that everybody can use the same network.
  3. Computers are connected via. lines (many lines) and whenever to line meet there's a routher, when a computer sends data it is in many packages and send to de nearest routher. which sends it througth the to the destination using the shortes free line... this is called te IP protecol... the TCP makes sure the packed is recived by sending back an ip package...
  4. There are problems with the speed of the internet, because the package where the informations are send in is too small. With the speed we have today the package can easily be bigger and then the internet can be faster, and so on.
  5. In the future will all computers be connect to the same place, and when there owners dont use them, they will be a part of a big virtuel computer that can calculate be results that a supercomputer today not can.
  6. The semantic web is hidden data that shows the meaning and the structur of the website.