The tea party that triggered a revolution


Reading comprehension

Answers to the questions...

Why were the British ships attacked?

Because they were carrying English tea, which were taxed; by the British government.

Why was America called "the promised land"?

Because it gave people a new start, and the name made it easy to find colonists.

Why should Americans pay taxes to the British men

Because Brittan had fought a war against the Francemen, which the Americans should pay for.

What is a "Minuteman"?

A man who's ready to fight in a minute.

Why is Paul Revere a national hero?

He was a spy, and warned the sleeping rebels, at the first battle against England.

Why did the French help American rebels?

Because they wanted revenge, from the last war between Brittan and France.


  • 1765 - stamp act (taxes on everything)
  • 1770 - After 5 year of boycot on english products, the British withdraw all taxes except for tea (the colonist throw all tea into the harbor).
  • 1774 - The first Continental Congress.
  • 1775 - The fist battel between British and Americans.
  • 1776 - All states of America signs the "Declaration of independence".
  • 1778 - The frenchmen joined the American side.
  • 1781 - The British surrendered (4 July).
  • 1789 - General Washington was elected as the first president of USA.