The years of (industrial) revolution

Who were the new people in the towns?
Workers, people that had lost their land.
What were the most important changes in these people’s life styles?
They had to buy things, and became workers instead of self supplying farmers.
What was the implication of that change in life style?
They had to buy things.
How far had the industrial revolution gone at the start of the 18th century?
They mass produced coal and iron. Riots concerning machinery taking too much possible employment.
Which role did coal play in the industrial revolution?
Iron refinement, war and fuel.
Which possibilities could John Wilkinson see in iron?
Nice coffin. Bridges, further improvement on the steam engine, iron boats and iron chapels.
What was James Watt’s achievement?
He improved the steam engine.
What happened in the textile production?
The demand for clothing rose. Mass production and export of cotton.
What were the social implications of this development?
The families weren’t self sufficient any more.
How was transport improved in the 18th century?
Trains or ships, thereby improving the sped that things moved. The improved steam engines affected both.