The years of self-confidence

What made Great Britain so powerful at the end of the nineteenth century?
First of all they got a very large mound of iron, which made them to the most selling and producing country of iron in the world at that time. But also coal made it possible to become one of the most powerful countries at that time. These materials made it possible to produce "heavy" industrial goods like ships and engines, but also produce normal goods like cloth(which become very cheap). And also Great Britain's many colonies made it strong.
What was the railway made for and what was its effect on people's lives?
In the start is was made to transport goods and materials faster than on the sea. And in 1870 almost the hole railway was made. Which mean that it was possible to transport goods for an example from Scotland to England in one night. But the railway also effected people lives, and the trains also began to transport humans, which made suburbs(small towns, close to a railway).
Who belonged to the middle classes?
The middle class included all kind of workers, Church people, The law(police and so on), medicine, the civil service, the diplomatic service, merchant banking and army people, so almost everybody.
Why did the middle classes move to the suburbs?
Because it was cheap to live in such places, and it was very easy to get to the cities where they worked. But also because the poor people lived there, and it was very easy to get help in the house if nesserary. Other problems like heath in the cities made it very unhealthy to live there.
How could health officers and town councils improve living conditions in the town
In 1832 31,000 people died of dirty water, and then the health officers was made, these where made to improve living conditions in the towns, they made clean water(which reduced the level of disease), but also to produce better housing also in the slum. They also made places where people could wash and even concert halls