Trace of Murderers/Moors murders

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kun afleveres af deres respektive ejere.

The two Moors murders.
The two Moors murders.

Children always get the massage from their parents that they mustn’t go home together with a strange man, but what if is a woman? This resulted in 5 victims, who were killed by the Moors Murders.

The to women’s Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, killed around 5 children in Manchester in between 1963 and 1965. The two women’s get their name because 4 of their victims was buried on Saddleworth Moor near the city of Oldham. So this will be the perfect place to see the beautiful landscape in Saddleworth and go in to the history of two serial killers in Manchester. In the local library it is possible to read old articles and see picture’s of The Moors Murders. And in the city of Manchester is it possible to see the location where the two killers lived, this is on the 16 Wardle Brook Avenue on the east side of Manchester.

  • Pauline Reade – She was silted with a knife, 16 years old, killed on the 12 July in 1963
  • John Kilbride - Strangled and sexual assaulted, 12 years old, killed on the 23 November in 1963
  • Keith Bennett – Strangled, 12 years old, killed on the 16 June in 1694
  • Lesley Ann Downey – Strangled and sexual assaulted, 10 years old, killed on the 26 December in 1964
  • Edward Evans – Hacked to death with an axe, 17 years old, killed on the 6 October in 1965